Welcome to FrugalStudent

I started FrugalStudent around 2 years ago when I started to feel confident in my investing skills, having now been a stock market investor for 5 years.

My goal is to help others invest in the stock market and to reach their financial goals.

During my 5 years I have made some big investing mistakes, losing thousands. But, I have also been fortunate enough to buy shares in some outstanding companies, more than recouping my losses.

I'm here to teach you how to avoid the thousands I lost and to invest in only the outstanding companies that have made me money.

If I knew what I know now five years ago, I'd be much wealthier!

By reading this blog you will learn how to invest in the stock market and how to avoid common investing mistakes. As well as this, you will get access to my insight into 

I run this blog out as a result of my passion and love for investing as well as my desire to encourage more to invest - especially young people.

I'm sure you'll come across countless investing blogs that claim to be able to make you rich overnight or bloggers who claim to have unique 'insights' and hide everything behind payment walls.

.... Here's my promise to you.

This website will always remain 100% free and I will never hide anything behind a payment wall. I'll never allow affiliate links on this website nor will I ever display ads.

I'm always here to answer your questions too, just drop me an E-mail: Lewys@frugalstudent.co.uk

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