Thank you to all my loyal followers for keeping the faith over the past few month.

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve been very quiet, well, with good reason – I was completing my finals at university and really didn’t have much time to spare at all.

The good news is that I’m all done now and have a whole summer to improve FrugalStudent and help you reach your investing goals.

Over the past few days I’ve had a long and hard think about the direction of FrugalStudent and decided an exciting change is in order.

My blog has become too much of a ‘copy-cat’ for my liking. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never copyright or plagiarised an article but just google any dividend growth blog and it’ll offer the same style of stock analysis and the same cliched ‘financial freedom’ spiel.

What makes my blog unique is my focus on the UK stock market and helping people living in the UK, especially first time investors, take the first step towards growing a dividend income.

From now on, I’ll be focusing more on researching and writing up on UK stocks and starting a weekly ‘In my inbox’ column.

That’s why I’m inviting you to send your questions and queries to for my take on the matter.

It could be anything from where to invest that £500, not knowing whether to buy or sell a share, budgeting or whether you should take that loan or not.

I’ll also be talking more about politics and how political events in the UK could have an effect on the stock market. For example, what would a £10 minimum wage do?

Get your question answered – Ask Lewys @ ‘In my inbox’ by E-mailing: or filling in the form below;


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