I'm sure you agree that there are thousands of Dividend investing blogs out there these days and that they vary MASSIVELY in terms of quality.

In this post, I'm going to show you the TOP 100 absolute best dividend blogs/blogs for dividend investors on the internet.

The content in this collection of blogs will take your dividend investing to the next level by ensuring you're making the best investing decisions with the best resources available on the web.

Whether you have a portfolio worth in excess of a £100,000 or have just started dividend investing these blogs are the best sources for you.


1. Brad Thomas – iReit investor/Forbes/SeekingAlpha

Brad Thomas is a research analyst and he currently writes weekly for Forbes and Seeking Alpha where he maintains research on many publicly-listed REITs.

In addition, Thomas is the Senior Analyst at iREIT Forbes and Editor of the Forbes Real Estate Investor, a monthly subscription-based newsletter.

Brad consistently provides extremely high quality analysis on REITs on a daily basis on Seeking Alpha and on the iREIT Investor website showing why REITs are great investment options for dividend investing.

You’re best off following Brads daily articles on SeekingAlpha
Photo Credit: Forbes

2. Jason Fieber – MrFreeat33

Jason Fieber is now free and financially independent at age 33 after completing the bulk of his dividend investing journey! Founder and longtime blogger of Dividend Mantra. Now Jason is financially free he has set off on a new and exciting path of writing truly motivational pieces.

He also posts a weekly ‘Undervalued dividend growth stock of the week’ which provides invaluable analysis and signposting of the latest dividend stock bargains.

Check out Jason’s story here:

3. Chuck Carnevale – FastGraphs/Seeking Alpha

Chuck Carnevale is the founder of the Dividend Investing must have – F.A.S.T Graphs™

With 37,000 Seeking Alpha followers and close to 500 articles published Chuck consistently demonstrates the usefulness of the F.A.S.T Graphs™ technology.

His in depth analysis leaves no stone unturned and his posts always make for compelling educational reading rivaled by few. Check it out here

4. The Mustacheians – is packed with everything you need to become a frugal liver and dividend investor.

The layout is super user friendly and the forums are a great source of advice on pretty much anything.

There’s an absolutely outstanding post on getting rich – from zero to hero that’s a starting point for anyone who’s think of an early retirement.

5. Joe Udo – Retire by 40

It really isn’t a surprise to see Joe on this list.

Joe managed to retire by 38 and currently collects passive income from a range of different streams including rental properties, peer to peer lending and of course – A dividend portfolio.

This blog really is the complete package and covers everything from frugality, happiness and making money.

Keep yourself motivated and know early retirement is possible and sustainable. Follow Retire by 40!

6. Pauline – Reach Financial independence

Pauline was and raised in Paris 35 years ago. She has since then graduated debt-free, gone on a 1 year around-the-world trip, lived in Guatemala, Spain, the UK and Morocco, gone on two 6 months motorcycle trips, and has been living in Guatemala since October 2012.

Not exactly a dividend investing blog but a great way to enhance our journeys to financial independence as dividend investors.

7. Eddy Elfenbein – Crossing Wall Street

Named by CNN/Money as the best buy-and-hold blogger, Eddy Elfenbein is the editor of Crossing Wall Street.

His free Buy List has beaten the S&P 500 eight times in the last nine years.

Eddy is now running his own ETF!

You can check out what he’s up to by following him on Twitter

8.Jim Wang – Wallet Hacks

Jim Wang is a thirty-something father of two who has been featured in the New York Times, Baltimore Sun, Entrepreneur, and Marketplace Money.

His blog shows you the philosophies, strategies and methods he used to become financially independent and free to pursue what was important.

I’d seriously recommend reading his blogpost on how he built a dividend growth portfolio if nothing else!

9. Timothy J McIntosh

Timothy J. McIntosh is a dividend investing expert and the author of the three investment books including the newly released “The Snowball Effect” “The Sector Strategist“, and also “The Bear Market Survival Guide“.

He served as a Professor of Finance at Eckerd College from 1998 to 2008. and has been featured in such notable publications as the Wall Street Journal.

His blog maintains a useful list of his ‘top 100’ dividend stocks that serves as a great reference to any Dividend growth investor.

10. Lanny & Bert – Dividend Diplomats

I love how down to earth and simple this blog is.

Simply put, these are two guys in their twenties blogging about their journey to financial independence.

They have a valuable and useful stock screener on their website which is free to use along with monthly portfolio and dividend income updates.

This is a great journey to follow in real time and motivation to anyone out there in their 20’s

With close to 6,000 Twitter followers, let’s help them get over that mark by following: here

11. ‘The investor’ and ‘The accumulator’ – Monevator

‘The Investor’ and ‘The accumulator’ are the resident bloggers of Monevator.

These guys cover it all when it comes to investing and it’s well worth reading their work on index investing.

As dividend investors we sometimes forget the power of index investing but the Monevator blog has you covered.

It also has some valuable advice on debt and dealing with losing money.

Check out their posts via their Facebook feed

12. All members – Dividend Growth Forum

With great threads on what dividend growth investors around the world are buying, detailed updates and analysis this is one of my most visited websites.

With many dividend growth bloggers on this list active members of the forum I’d even go as far as to say it’s an essential resource.

Thanks to Kerim (Pictured) the founder of The Dividend Growth Forum

13. Martin – Get FI-RE’d ASAP

The first Ozzy (Australian) blog on the list!

It’s not hard to relate to Martin – He’s just an average guy who’s done it all (married, divorced, kids e.t.c).

He has managed to retire at 50 thanks to some real estate investments and savings.

Follow: here

14. The Captain –

Another real life dividend growth story in action.

Captain Dividend’s is packed with monthly updates on income along with short and sweet snapshots of bought stocks.

He also has a very useful dividend watch list which I often check out if I’m in search of ideas an inspiration and an easy to read dividend champions list that also outlines dividend growth (5 and 10 year) and chowder rule ratings for these champions.

15. Alan ‘The masked blogger’ –

Alan is in his thirties and lives in Canada.

His website is absolutely PACKED with resources including a free Dividend growth stock screener, 5 high quality tutorials along with a monster resources page.

Along with these invaluable resources you can also follow his journey to Financial independence in real time. Outstanding website.

16. Mike Piper – The oblivious investor

Mike is the author of several books including ‘Investing made simple’ and ‘Can I retire’.

What makes Mike’s blog stand out from the rest is his great post on risk and risk tolerance as he really breaks it down into simple terms.

Mike’s blog always appears to be ahead of the curve and he never seems to recycle material of other blogs which is often the case with many personal finance blogs these days.

Follow him: here

17. Ermine – Simple Living In Suffolk

This is a journal of a 50-something professional looking to get out of the rat race early and start living simply, with intent.

This blogger from Suffolk, UK has been blogging since 2010 and has a considerable following.

For deep, thought provoking, content on the mechanics and thinking behind financial independence look no further than here

18. Mr ‘Long Term’ –

As a Brit myself, it’s a great pleasure to get the first .uk blog on this list!

The long term investments blog is an outstanding feed of investment ideas.

With several ‘Top 5″ posts it’s always putting new stocks on my radar and uncovering high-yield and undervalued stocks.

Well worth a follow

19. Stefan Sharpe – The Millennial Budget

This blog probably has the best slogan on the list;

‘Grind today. Relax tomorrow’

It pretty sums up what we as dividend investors yearn for.

It’s packed with great advice on budgeting, investing and debt.

Written from a millennial’s perspective this blog is ideal for millennials who want to see the power of frugal living and dividend growth!

Follow: here

20. The Family – A frugal family’s journey

Sometimes dividend investing isn’t as straightforward as it is, let’s say for me, a single 23 year old who has no children or mortgage.

Dividend investors who have to juggle family commitments, mortgage payments and heavy debts will find inspiration and great advice.

Following a family’s journey to Financial Independence is a nice break from all the blogs out there that look at things from an individual’s perspective.

Check out their blog here

21. The author – My Dividend Pipeline

In 2015 this blogger earned close to $22,000 in passive income.

After getting divorced, in 2016 the blogger was earning just $7,000 (to October).

This blog is a compelling account of the bloggers journey back to financial independence.

Inspiring to say the least – Follow here

22. The Hawk – Dividend Hawk

This is the only blog I came across (after searching hundreds to create this list) that included a Nordic take on dividend investing along with top class analysis on your average dividend growth stocks.

The Hawk is earning over €10,000 euros a year in passive income – That’s impressive and well worth a look! Follow him on Twitter

23. John Edwards – DIY Investor UK

It’s great to have another Brit on the list.

John describes himself as ‘an ordinary Joe’ who is a self taught investor whom has been investing since the 80s

His blog is full of quality analysis and has a great mini series on investing for income and a more complete series on the basics of investing.

It’s not hard to see why this blog is getting 20,000 page views a month.

Check out John’s latest posts here

24. Sabeel – Roadmap2retire

He is one of the few bloggers out there that I’ve seen utilise the ‘Simply Wall Street’ platform to add a visual element to analysis – and the results are outstanding.

This is an ideal blog to follow if you want top class analysis along with FI planning in motion!

You can find everything Sabeel posts through his Twitter.

25. Eric Landis – D.G.I For The D.I.Y

Eric Landis is a civil engineer who in 2013 decided to take a more active role in managing his IRA.

Married, in his late 30s and with 3 kids under 5 Landis still finds time to write top quality articles on the concept of dividend growth investing along with providing some of the best stock analysis I have seen.

Check him out at his Seeking Alpha profile

26. Ben- SureDividend

Sure Dividend is packed with high quality analysis of dividend stocks with insane depth.

Ben really gets under the skin of a company doing all the deep digging that many bloggers simply don’t do.

As well as free content, SureDividend also offers two newsletters that go even deeper in depth in order to aid a dividend investor’s choices.

At only $9 dollars a month it’s definitely worth a look

Check it out SureDividend here

27. Anonymous – RetireBeforeDad

This Blogger’s dad managed to retire by 56 and this is the Blogger’s account of his race to beat his dad!

This Blogger has backpacked most of the world and managed to travel 18 countries in 14 months on $10,000.

The fact that this blog blends early retirement, dividend investing and a love for travel makes it truly unique and a compelling read!

Follow RetireBeforeDad here

28. Ferdis – Divgro

Ferdis of DivGro is an effects artist at a well-known animation studio.

He describes investing in stocks and options as a hobby and has been writing about dividend growth stocks since January 2013.

He maintains a comprehensive and useful watchlist as well as a good model criteria for buying and selling stocks.

29. Jacob and Vanessa – Cash Cow Couple

The Cash Cow Couple are on a mission to achieve financial freedom while maintaining a healthy, happy life.

But after getting married, they didn’t buy fancy vehicles a big house, or a new wardrobe.

They did the opposite and sold everything they didn’t need and used the money and our paychecks to pay off our student loans and began building a secure financial future.

If you’re looking for how to release yourself from debt and increase the money you have available to invest into dividend stocks then this blog is a compelling read.

Follow the couple here

30. The Author – DGI&R

The first Canadian specific blog on our list!

This blogger describes him/herself as a 21 year old Canadian professional accountant looking to retire early through dividend growth investing.

Most of this blog is geared towards Canadian’s, but also contains relevant information for anyone investing in US stocks too.

This Blog is a useful read to anyone looking to take advantage of what the Canadian stock market has to offer.

Check it out: here

31. Stephen Ratcliffe’s updates – Cardiff Uni Aberconway library blog

Amongst the university related updates on this blog there are scores of insightful posts and valuable information regarding dividend growth, economic data and investing in general.

I’d highly recommend that any investor take a look at this blog here

32. Maria Nedeva – The Money Principle

Maria is a Professor in a well ranking Business School in the UK.

She has a PhD and teaches creativity and innovation. She even talks to Prime Ministers about wise ways to spend their country’s money on science!

At the end of 2009 she had £100,000 of consumer debt and just three years later she was debt free!

Maria is more of a value investor as opposed to a dividend investor but her money saving and debt tips are a great way to free up cashflow!

Check out Maria’s latest news here

33. John Kingham – Uk Value Investor

However, in 2005 he began to move over to value investing and have enjoyed and profited from that style ever since. So much so he wrote a book – The defensive Value investor – on it!

His blog’s focus is to combine value investing along with a dividend investing focus.

With up-to-date analysis and great stock ideas, his blog is well worth a follow.

34. Adam – MoneyBulldog

Adam started Money Bulldog back in 2012 because he felt that the finances of many people had become strained due to the financial crisis and he wanted to share his experience in the world of personal finance with the aim of making a difference.

He has a financial background in the UK mortgage market but also gained a lot of knowledge over the years in areas such as insurance, consumer credit, debt management, business management, entrepreneurial spirit and the list goes on.

Adam’s blog provides a UK context to global events and as such is an essential read for UK dividend investors.

Follow here

35. Kent university’s business matters blog

Another university blog packed with valuable stock market information.

Written in a simple yet concise style this blog is my go-to blog for interesting stock market research and general reading

36. Jacob Wolinsky and team – Value Walk

Since its inception in 2010, has grown to become a global leader in breaking financial industry news- with a focus on value investing, hedge funds, large asset managers, and value investing.

They have provided beneficial information for the purpose of value investing for value investors. The site contains archives of famous investors, and many investor resource pages.

Check out ValueWalk here

37. The Hunter – Investment Hunting

The investment hunter works in the media space for a very well know company by day. At night he researches and invests in the stock market; particularly dividend stocks.

With a portfolio worth of over $300,000 and a yearly dividend income of over $4,000, it’s worth following his hunting journeys and quality analysis here

38. The almanac – Stock Market Almanac UK

The Almanac is a unique reference work and provides traders and investors with the data to tackle the markets in the year ahead.

The Almanac also has unique analysis of seasonality effects and anomalies in the UK stock market, and presents strategies and key dates for investors.

The main section is built around the format of a 52-week diary, containing articles, facts, figures and fascinating trivia unique to the Almanac.

Interesting and useful for any investor – Check it out a sample here

39. Early Retirement Now

"You can't afford not to retire early!"

A married couple in their 30s and 40s with a daughter, 'ERN' plan to retire in 2018.

With enough money to retire already, ERN are beefing up their portfolio in order to ensure even a stock market crash wouldn't be able to knock them out of retirement.

Follow here

40. Nate Tobik – OddBallStocks

Nate Tobik, the author of The Oddball Stocks Blog has been writing about under-followed and under appreciated investments since 2010. These investments aren’t great day trades, or stocks that can be flipped for a quick 10%. Most of the stocks profiled require patience, but the reward is worth it.

A lot of what we need as dividend investors!

41. The author – TheFIREstarter

TheFIREstarter is a UK based blog that covers themes such as Financial Independence, Retiring Early, Downshifting, or simply just working less and living more.

It’s always interesting to read about TFS’s goals and his monthly updates on these goals.

Check out TFS here

42. Keith Park – Div Hut

Keith is an early 40’s Internet entrepreneur that launched several dot coms with varying success.

He began dividend investing seriously 2007 when his business at the time was ‘literally falling off a cliff’.

With a portfolio worth close to $210,000 Keith is still actively buying dividend stocks and it’s both motivating and enriching to follow his journey

43. ‘The Swan’ – Dividend Swan

Dividend Swan’s blog is a welcome break from the intense blog posting of your usual dividend investing blog.

It’s a great balance and a nice opportunity to follow someone’s dividend growth journey and light conversation on dividend growth stocks.

Well worth a read.

Photo credit: Samanthasbell(dot)com

44. Roland Head – The Firing Room

​Roland Head is a freelance writer based in rural North Yorkshire, within an hour’s drive of Scarborough, Whitby, York and Leeds.

He specialises in financial and investment writing.

His blog is packed with quality financial analysis and news along with a great model value portfolio, anchored in FTSE stocks.

Check him out here

45. Wexboy –

A blog about value investing, mostly in UK, Irish and US listed stocks. Interested in individual company stocks, investment funds, risk arbitrage, event driven/special situations, fixed income and even some natural resource stocks.

46. Todd Wenning – Clear eyes investing

Currently a generalist analyst at Johnson Investment Counsel on the firm’s SMID-cap strategy Todd is the author of Clear eyes investing

He has been a sell-side equity analyst with Morningstar, where and the lead advisor of Motley Fool Dividend Edge, a UK-based newsletter service that recommended and purchased dividend-paying stocks in a real-money portfolio.

Check out Todd’s latest posts here

47. Stefan Mohr – Simple value investing

Stefan’s blog focuses mostly on German and European stocks through the lens of value investing.

Stefan often provides top noch stock investment and often uncovers overlooked darlings that are worth a look.

Check him out here

48. Chris – KeepThrifty

Chris is on a mission to get his family debt free by 2020. With 3 kids, that seems like a tough task!

I’m including this blog due to its take on minimalism.

Minimalism = More time + Less expense. Seems like a good equasion to me.

Follow here


DividendChampions.UK provides historical dividend information for UK-based companies and investment funds. It is a live view of my UK Dividend Champions List which lists UK companies that have increased their dividends each year for at least 4 years.

50. Kyle – Dollar Diligence

Kyle is a high school teacher who paid off $33,000 in student loans in 18 months. After becoming debt free, he’s now on my way to financial freedom and a life with options in the future!

Boost your investment cash-flow by following Kyle.

Again, another newcomer but one to watch I reckon

Follow here

51. The Zombie – Finance Zombie

He did as most did – Went to University, got a degree and got a job.

Like many he was contributing towards a company pension scheme, maxing out the company contributions as it was free money but doing no further thinking about savings or retirement. But he soon came to notice he was just one of the crowd.

Now he’s hell bent on Financial Independence!

Check him out here

52. The team – Dividend Driven

Dividend Driven is about budgeting, saving and investing with an emphasis on dividend paying stocks.

The authour come from a typical middle class family of four.

Focusing on long term dividend investing, he created Dividend Driven to help him reach a goal of $50,000 a year in dividends.

Currently on around $12,500 a year in dividend it’s well worth following this dividend investing journey here

53. The author – A Christian Investor

The Christian Investor describes himself as a husband and father of two children

The Christian Investor aims to retire by 56

He notes children as a passion of his and his journey is one worth following for investors who plan to have children and still retire relatively young.

After all, many dividend investors note that not having children is a part of their journey to Financial Independence.

Follow here

54. The author – Young Dividend

The author at Young Dividend has offered this valuable bio;

Hobbies: Food, music, gardening, photography
Occupation: Engineer
Age: Mid 20s
Goal: $1,000,000 in assets by age 31-33
Favorite company: Altria (MO)

$1,000,000 in assets by 33 seems ambitious but everyone into frugal living knows it is possible.

Follow young dividend’s dividend investing journey here

55. The author – Seeking returns

A long time, self taught investor with a primary focus on long term dividend investing who has made his share of mistakes over the years.

While technically in the distribution phase, this blogger still remains an accumulator of assets some months.

It’s really interesting to read about this blogger’s picks for his trust fund that he will pass down – check out the Seeking Returns blog here

56. The author – Amber Tree leaves

A Belgian investor who describes himself as a late starter [to FI] with wife and two kids who’s looking for a path to financial independence.

In his blog he seeks to convey a beginner’s journey to FI covering the early questions such as, what are the hurdles, what are the options to take? We have a certain lifestyle, how do we adapt?

Follow here

57. The author – Be Smart Rich

This Blogger is a Canadian-Korean documenting his journey to FI from humble beginnings.

Having faced significant barriers in his journey to FI, most of which we wouldn’t endure as the ‘average’ investor his story is compelling and inspiring.

Follow Be Smart Rich here

58. Dennis McCain – Dividends, Derivatives and a Camera

A very active blogger and photographer Mr McCain has one of the most detailed and insightful blogs I have come across.

He maintains a detailed log on his portfolio as well as a packed archive of analysis and ‘investing theory’

Check him out here

59. The author – Dividend Life (UK)

The ongoing story of a 43 year old’s journey in the world of Investing, Personal Finance and Financial Freedom. Whose goal is to invest and hold onto dividend stocks that pay for his living expenses, allowing him to live a ‘Dividend Life.’

Follow his journey here

60. Brad – Dividend Reaper

Brad is another investor who was wise enough to start his journey to FI at an early age.

With close to $13,000 invested Brad is making great progress and I’ll certainly be watching his journey with great interest

Check him out here

61. Mr and Mrs 1500 – 1500 days

A husband and wife team aiming to retire by the age of 43. At 41 now, there’s two years left on the retirement clock.

Can they do it? Check them out here

62. The Author – $25,000 dividends

A Generation Y, male, living in Canada who spent his twenties doing the socially accepted thing building his career as a lawyer. He has nearly paid off all of his student loans and is looking at building up a nice portfolio of investments that will allow him to receive $25,000 in dividends per year.

This blogger also maintains a LIFE list, a list of things to do once he achieves his goal which I’m sure will provide some entertaining updates once he’s retired.

Doable! So check him out here

63. Kate – Adventurous Kate

Ok, not exactly a dividend blog but it’s inspiring and proof pudding of the joys of early retirement nonetheless!

At age 26, Kate quit her job to travel the world alone. She spent six months in Southeast Asia and turned her travel blog into a full-time business.

Today, she travel full-time, going anywhere that sounds wacky or beautiful or interesting

I can’t wait until I can do that off dividend income!

Follow here

64. The author – Dividend Gravy

Officially retired since November 2014 this blogger is still treating us to updates.

Although inactive since January, there’s plenty of insightful legacy posts left to look at.

Check them out here

65. The Mavericks – Passive income mavericks

Passive Income Mavericks was created to start a rich life style based on the passive income earned through various means like dividend income from stocks, bonds or other securities, rental income, income from side gigs, as an entrepreneur or even doing some part-time work at your own convenience.

As dividend investors we must always be aware of other means of generating passive income and this blog provides an eye opening insight into passive income methods.

66. London School of Economics Politics and Policy blog

We all know how political changes affect the stock market and may even lead to investment opportunities.

I certainly took advantage of the Brexit dip!

This blog provides in depth academic analysis and news of the latest political events in order to aid the decision making of investors.

Follow here

67. The author – Race 2 Retirement

This blog’s author has one goal.

3,000 days to earn $3,000 a month.

An ambitious goal!

Can it be done? – Follow here

68. Weenie – Quietly saving UK

Weenie 40-something, unmarried with no dependants living in Manchester, UK. Her interests include keeping fit, football, reading fiction, gigs/festivals, home brewing beer and TV shows.

She has been working for the same international finance company for 20 years and has been paying into a final salary pension scheme until recently.

In December she lost her job through a planned redundancy so this blog is worth following in order to see what money saving methods she employs or what savings drawdown she utilises to get by.

She has saved monster proportions of her net-income. Something as Dividend investors we need to do in order to beef up our portfolios!

69. Tyler – I am the future me

Established in 2015, I am the future me has offers an alternative narrative on the standard ‘Dividend growth’ route to financial independence with takes on ‘Amazon business’ and ‘Amazon selling’

Although far from being your standard ‘Dividend’ blog, as dividend investors we still need to be aware of other opportunities to produce passive income there may be.

70. The author – Simply No Risk

Writing in Spanish and English this blogger offers insights to the global currency markets as well as insight into the usual value investing fundamentals such as p/e.

Whilst this isn’t a dividend investing blog it doesn’t hurt to keep up with currency movements and global economics.

Check out Simply No Risk here

71. Mark Seed – My Own Advisor (Canada)

​Investing his way to a million dollar portfolio Mark’s website is packed with useful money saving, dividend investing and indexing tips guides and advice.

Although Canadian centred this blog is useful reading for any investor.

With a goal to ‘semi-retire’ by 2023, let’s see if he can do it!

Read here

72. Bryan – Income Surfer

Bryan is the 30 something founder of Income Surfer. He is a former engineer who enjoys spending time with his friends/family, writing, researching investments, traveling, and helping people follow their passions.

With detailed updates from companies on watch to the global economy this blog is always an interesting read.

Follow here

73. Ryan - My Dividend Growth

Ryan is a 31 year old 'late starter' in the financial world. But, Ryan still ends to retire young in order to free up his time to do the things he loves.

Ryan brings a fresh perspective to Dividend Investing, showing that you don't have to be super young to start investing.

A really entertaining writing style and an all round cool guy!

Check him out here

74. Done By Forty

Sometimes investing is a lone journey, sometimes it's taken on as a team!

Done by forty is a blog written by a husband and wife team seeking financial independence by 2020.

As simple as that!

Follow here

75. Financial independence UK

With some big money invested into a SIPP and an ISA this blog is useful to UK based investors by showing how we can take advantage of our government tax-relief schemes.

Follow here

76. Dividend Earner (Canada)

Dividend Earner is dividend investing blog focused on retiring with dividend income. Without a pension plan, the blogger needs to create his own and be the best dividend investor he can be.

He’s just a regular guy from the greater Vancouver area in Canada – married with kids and a day job.

Follow here

77. Tie-land to Thailad

When the phrase 'dividend blogs' comes to mind we automatically assume dividend investing blogs, but everyone needs a goal right? Something to aspire to.

I know from many conversations with dividend investors that they plan on retiring somewhere with a low cost of living

Many dividend investors plan on retiring to somewhere cheap.

Sound like you? Then check out this blog

78. Mike – The Dividend Guy (Canada)

Mike is the current author of The Dividend Guy Blog since 2010 when he purchased it.

Mike is a French Canadian with around $60,000 invested into dividend stocks.

He maintains a useful Buy List and his blog is well worth checking out!

Follow here

79. Kraig – Create My Independence

Kraig is the founder of Create My Independence. A 32 year old male living in a southern suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Over the last five years he has built up an independent business from nothing.

Kraig isn’t a genius software programmer or hype marketer, but just a regular guy working diligently to earn an independent living doing work he cares about.

Follow here

80. David – Raptitude

Not a dividend investing blog, just a blog about life.

Raptitude is a street-level look at the human experience — what makes human beings do what they do, and what that means in real life. The archives contain over 250 articles on skills and insights for improving your moment-to-moment quality of life.

David’s articles has helped me come to terms with myself and the ability to think clearly and rationally whilst dealing with emotions has made me a better investor.

Follow here

81. Tim McAleenan Jr – The Conservative income investor

Top notch analysis and a website packed with resource.

It’s clear to me that Tim knows his stuff and his master list of stocks is the one of the most useful I have come across.

Follow here

82. Ryan and Josh – The minimalists

Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus, known as “The Minimalists” to their 4 million readers, help people live more meaningful lives with less through their website, books, podcast, and documentaries.

Follow The minimalists and it’ll suddenly become clear how becoming a minimalist can drive your returns as dividend investors.

Follow here

83. Jay – The expat investor

Jay is a 29 year old currently working in Afghanistan. He took the job because he saw an opportunity to increase his net worth, saving, and invest for my long term goal.

He’s now approaching nearly $300,000 worth of invested capital!

As things can sometimes be tricky for expats, this blog is well worth following if you’re an expat looking to invest.

84. Three Thrifty guys

Three average thrifty guys helping you to save money (to invest) through thrift.

It doesn’t get simpler than that – follow here

85. Paul – The frugal toad.

Paul started his dividend blog, the frugal toad, in 2011 in order to share his passion for frugality.

It’s packed with money saving tips and a great guide on finance to dummies.

If you’re looking to increase your investing cashflow then follow here

86. Tiziano Frateschi – The Extra income

A 35 year old Independent Trader using proprietary technical analysis for personal use.

This blog is a mix between trading and value investing.

As a dividend investor I was always skeptical about trading (and remain so) but if you’re going to read anything on trading, then this should be it.

Follow here

87. The author – Save Stacks

A blogger who has made a name for himself by investing in cannabis stocks (weed/pot stocks)

A really fresh and original dividend investing blog that’s well worth following.

Follow here

88. Erik – The finance master

Up-and-coming blog with great potential.

This blogger’s post on ‘stop trying to be Warren Buffett’ certainly caught my attention.

Follow here

89. Dividend meter

Creating a dividend meter is a great way to visualise your dividend investing journey.

This blog will explain, step-by-step, how to build one.

Build one here

90. Jax – Project Beach life

Jax is a 30year old personal finance blogger that will show you genuinely creative and original ways to make extra income (to invest into dividend stocks of course)

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91. Mr and Mrs PIE – Plan Invest Escape


With a goal to become financially independent by mid 2019 the race is on for Mr and Mrs PIE.

An inspiring journey to financial independence through careful planning.

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92.Mr and Mrs Hack now – Hack now retire early

If you’re looking to travel a lot and still retire early then this is the ideal blog for you.

These bloggers have mastered the art of ‘travel hacking’ and are kind enough to pass on their expertise via this blog.

By saving money on travel we have more money to spend on dividend stocks right?

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93. JW Brooks – The Green Swan

Many of you may have heard of a black swan before, which is a metaphor to describe a surprise event with a major effect, e.g. the 2008 economic collapse.

Alternatively, The Green Swan is a metaphor coined to describe a deliberate approach to managing and dividend investing money with a major affect: wealth accumulation, financial independence and early retirement.

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94. SuperHeroYou

We all need motivation. To analyse, to save to reach for Financial Independence.

We all need to be productive and ensure that we spend our time on things that will be of benefit to use long term.

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95. Rob Andersen – Mustard Seed Money

Mustard Seed Money stems from a passage in the Bible.

In Mark 4:30-32, Jesus speaks of the smallest seed, a grain of mustard seed. Once sown, it grows and becomes one of the largest plants in the garden.

Rob’s hope is that through your financial journey, that through your small investment, in time, money and faith will grow beyond anything that you could ever imagine.

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96. The Physician – Physician on fire

9 years into his career as an anesthetist this blogger has already reached financial independence!

Check out how he did it.

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97. Glen Stephenson – Monster Piggy Bank

Monster Piggy Bank is a Personal Finance Blog that offers creative ways to save and to make money.

It’s also an account of Glen’s journey to get out of debt, something he did successfully in 2014.

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98. The author – Mad Cash Lab

Through the power of financial competence and dividend investing this blogger and his wife now only work 20hours a week instead of 40!

Definitely something worth aiming for in the short term.

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99. The author – Dividend Beginner

With a current portfolio with a great mix of stocks nearing a worth of $100,000, it’s a blog surely worth checking out.

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A bit of a cop-out maybe but I have found writing a blog great motivation to keep on track on my dividend investing and dividend growth journey.

That makes your own dividend investing blog a great way of driving your returns as an investor through motivation and belonging to a great blogging community.

If you’re not already blogging about dividend investing why not start a blog to keep motivated?

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