My Stock Market Portfolio

Four years into investing I have accumulated shares in 23 companies and keeping track of them all is no easy task!

To be completely honest - 23 is too many companies to be holding considering the size of my portfolio (Just £20,000). This means that many of my positions are quite small. This makes all the time I spend keeping track of them seem a bit silly.

Because of this, over the coming year I am seeking to reduce my portfolio to just 15 outstanding companies.

Some long-term followers would have noticed that this list has already reduced by 10 from a nauseating 33 holdings.

Below I have arranged my companies by risk;

As well as arranging my portfolio by risk, I have also illustrated the weightings of each stock below. More than one stock on the same line denotes a similar weighting.

Summary of each holding (In progress - Keep checking back).

Facebook Summary

Unilever Summary

Apple Summary

Tencent Summary

Next Summary

Microsoft Summary

Johnson and Johnson Summary

Starbucks Summary

Card Factory Summary

Lloyds Banking Group Summary

Disney Summary