Tesla Stock: What every investor should learn from its rise.


I hate Tesla stock.

Tesla embodies the contradiction to every investing rule I follow.

It has no basis in Value Investing or Dividend Investing.

BUT, I’m not here to launch another attack on Tesla stock fundamentals. That’s been done a hundred times over. Yet, with every negative article I read the stock price creeps higher and higher. Defying gravity, fundamentals and, in my opinion, common sense.

To be honest, I’m so tired of reading ‘experienced’ investors countless articles lamenting the stock and recommending people sell or short.

They all failed to see this gravity defying rise;

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What would PM Corbyn mean for the Stock Market?


A look at two key policies

The Conservatives are looking wobbly and many people have asked what actions they should take in the event that Corbyn becomes Prime Minister within the next two years. 

It's a valid question since we haven't had a Labour government in around 7 Years.​

In this article I’m going to explain what a Labour government would mean for the stock market and how you can take advantage of the volatility it would offer in relation to two key policies;

The £10 minimum wage and Renationalisation of old state monopolies.

There’ll be no partisan political alliance here – I’m going to talk cold hard facts.

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FrugalStudent – An Important Update.


Thank you to all my loyal followers for keeping the faith over the past few month.

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve been very quiet, well, with good reason – I was completing my finals at university and really didn’t have much time to spare at all.

The good news is that I’m all done now and have a whole summer to improve FrugalStudent and help you reach your investing goals.

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Binary trading scam: My epic takedown of binary trading


I hate binary trading – I even go as far as to call binary trading a scam

Now you may be thinking ‘binary trading scam?’ isn’t that going a bit far?

Well the dictionary definition of scam is;

‘A dishonest scheme’

And, I certainly feel that Binary trading is presented in a very dishonest way.

Just look at these messages that  pop up in my Twitter and Facebook inbox


In this article I’m going to explain to you what binary trading is, why it’s a fool’s game and how dividend investing (the investing I advocate) is different.

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What share to buy?


The first question I always get asked by newbie investors is focused around what share to buy.

Through some seminars I’ve held at university recently I’ve had the opportunity to gain valuable insight into how fellow students invest and what makes a share a buy for them.

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Christmas clean up – Sorting out my portfolio


My portfolio was a mess! With many of my early investing mistakes still present in my portfolio I finally decided to bite the bullet.


All investors evolve over time. We learn from our mistakes and adapt our strategies accordingly. But, what should you do if past mistakes are still evident in your portfolio?

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“Investing is just like gambling” No. It really isn’t.


The first thing I often hear when people learn that I’m an investor is that’

“Isn’t that just glorified gambling?”

Fed up of constantly explaining why it isn’t, I decided a blog post was necessary.

The main reason why many think that investing is a form of gambling is because they don’t know the difference between trading and investing. Continue Reading