So, you want to be an investor?

With interest rates rock bottom I bet you’re getting frustrated at practically zero returns from your money.

In fact, with inflation finally starting pick-up, you may even be losing money real terms!

But Lewys, I don’t know anything about investing?

Don’t worry! I’ll cover it all for you, starting with the basics.

I’m not going to throw complicated words at you like other bloggers.

This blog is written in plain English!

So, I bet you’ve always flirted with the idea of investing in the stock market.

But the stock market appears too dangerous right, I mean, we’ve all heard stories of people losing thousands overnight?

Well, it’s true! People do lose thousands overnight by taking huge risks by day trading, trading Forex and buying tiny companies in the hope of finding the next Amazon or Google.

But don’t be mistaken – Investing isn’t like gambling

Did you know that you could make solid returns over long periods of time with relatively little risk?

Thousands over the world have turned to ‘Dividend Growth Investing’ in order to grow wealth whilst minimizing risk.

What on earth is dividend growth investing?

Dividend growth investing is an investment method – a philosophy.

There are several of these philosophies, many high risk but many low risk too.

Dividend growth investing is a low risk investment method that looks to purchase stocks that have paid a dividend to investors over a long period of time.

The purchased companies are usually ones that have grown their dividend every year.

For example, the company may have paid a £1.00 dividend to investors last year, £1.05 this year and their intention is to pay £1.10 the next year.

Receiving this dividend income is a great alternative to receiving measly interest payments from your bank.


The power of dividend growth

The most important thing about dividend growth investing is compounding.

Instead of throwing words at you I’ve made a simple infographic that explains it all in simple terms.

Does this sound like the investment method for you?

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