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Investing on a low income.

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My Journey and Student life

 My investments and dividend income

 Investing for beginners and stock tips

This blog’s main focus is dividend growth investing  on a low income & my journey to be able to retire before 40 years old. Learn how to invest from only £25 a month and follow my journey to retirement.


I plan to do this by following three simple steps

1. Living below my means

2. Investing spare capital into dividend growth stocks

3. Diversifying my income streams

“Why should I read this blog?”


I get it, there are thousands of FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) blogs out there.

So, I bet you’re thinking ‘why should I follow this blog over the others?’

Well, there are a few things that make my blog pretty unique!

I’m a skint student

If a student getting minimal government support can invest via my methods then so can anyone on a low income.

 My blog is UK focused.

I publish top quality articles on investing for people living in the UK.

Everything from what broker to use to the stocks I’m buying.

This blog is also useful for worldwide investors looking to get a slice of often overlooked UK dividend stocks.

No Ads – No affiliate links – Just clean browsing

I will never post ads on my website. My aim isn’t to make money – it’s to help people invest.

I promise my website will always be easy to use and navigate and not full of clunky ads.

I will never recommend anything I don’t believe in.

I will never compromise your finances to make a quick buck – simple as that.

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